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At Simpsons Tyres and Autocare, our team knows how to pair your car with the most suitable tyres.

We offer you tryes that get optimal performance at a price that won’t break your budget.

We can help you choose from our superior Goodyear tyre range. Our durable tyres have been crafted to meet the latest comfort, style and safety needs.

Our extensive tyre range includes everything from high performance tyres to fuel efficient tyres, tyres specifically crafted for superior comfort and more.

All our quality tyres are designed to give you the fluid sensation of control that you deserve when you’re on the road.

Goodyear: Made for our Roads

Ever since the turn of the last century, the name “Goodyear” has been synonymous with automotive tyres.

From their start with carriage and bicycle tyres, rubber horseshoe pads, and poker chips, Goodyear has been first-to-market with dozens of product innovations, starting with Henry Ford’s first-ever racing tyre in 1901, the first-ever nylon-reinforced tyre in the 1940s, the first-ever American-made radial tyre in the 1970s, and on and on to the present day.

The Goodyear Blimp is a familiar sight for millions of people, an iconic advertising device that also provides great aerial views of events.

Whether you’re looking for passenger, light truck, commercial, agricultural tyres, Goodyear’s reputation for quality and performance makes them the perfect choice.

Why Goodyear Tyres?

Goodyear Tyres provides outstanding on and off-road driving whatever vehicle you drive. It has a massive catalogue of tyre models, offering different varieties of all kinds of tyres for every driving need.

For Goodyear, safety is the primary factor for every tyre. Its engineers never stop developing new tyre technology to keep passengers safe to prevent accidents whatever the driving conditions.

Goodyear has been at the forefront of the automobile industry since the start, with over 120 years of tyre making expertise. Looking back on the past, it develops quality new tyre technology to help build tomorrow.

Goodyear caters to various markets. It is a premium brand that addresses various budgets and driving needs with its wide variety of products. Each tyre is designed with long-lasting tread to give each customer exceptional value for their money.

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