Puncture Repair

Modern tyres seem to be stronger and harder to puncture, but sometimes getting a puncture is inevitable. That’s why at Simpsons Tyres we offer a convenient puncture repair service.

If you do get a puncture bring it in to us and our team of technicians will evaluate if it can be fixed in a safe and professional manner in line with safety standards (NZ Standard 5423) and have you back on the road in no time.

Tips to avoid getting punctures:

Check the treads on your tyres regularly for imbedded glass, stones or sharp objects.
Make sure your tyres are inflated correctly (including the spare).

Never drive on a flat or partially deflated tyre

Driving on a flat tyre doesn’t only compromise your safety, but increases the chance of having to fully replace the tyre. So if you notice your tyre is looking a bit flat, pull on over, replace it with your spare and bring it on in for us to check out.